PS4 Call of Duty Konsolenbox


Treue Wiedergabe der PS4 Call of Duty Konsolenbox, aus 1.4 mm Doppelwellenkarton. Diese Box wird zerlegt versendet. Einfache Montage: Schneiden, Falten und Einfügen. MwSt. inbegriffen.

Lieferung vor Tag 26/05/2024
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Faithful reproduction of the Sony PS4 Call of Duty Console Box, made of sturdy 1.4 mm thick double wave cardboard. This box is shipped disassembled. Easy assembly: cut, fold and paste. VAT and shipping costs included.

Important: This is an empty box, it does not include the console.

This box is shipped disassembled to facilitate shipping and protect it from possible damage.

Sony PS4 Call of Duty Console packaging perfect for your console.

The assembly is simple and can be done by anyone:

- Cut the outline of the template

- Fold through the right areas

- Paste in the area indicated in the template.

When you finish you will get a box identical to the original but more resistant.

Sony PS4 Call of Duty Console Box

Packaging of the Sony PS4 Pro Console to store your retro console as if you had just bought it.

Sony PS4 Call of Duty

Console to store your retro console as if you had just bought it.

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Paperboard used cardboard type

The box is made of sturdy 1.4 mm cardboard with 1 wave cardboard core, like the original. Its surface allows high resolution printing and great definition in its colors.


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Do you remember?
PlayStation 4 abbreviated as PS4 is the 4th PlayStation console but the second designed by Mark Cerny. Belonging to the 8th generation of consoles. Officially presented in 2013, it is the successor to the PlayStation 3 and competing with the Nintendo Wii U and Switch in addition to the Microsoft Xbox One. In Japan it was presented a year later in 2014.

The PlayStation 4 Pro that was presented in 2016 was a more updated and powerful version of the PlayStation 4 allowing to play at 4K Natives.
It includes a 4.2 teraflops GPU, high CPU clock, and 1GB of additional DDR3 memory. It supports 4K videos, but not Ultra HD Blu-ray.


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